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We're Gonna' Take Google's Money!


    Buddy Buddy Buddy is an integrated sales solution that does three important things:

    1. It replaces Pay-Per-Click advertising with a Pay-Per-Sale model for online merchants -- the very first of its kind.
    2. It draws on social media friend connections three levels down i.e. friends; friends of friends; and friends of friends of friends, to deliver an ongoing stream of sales referrals to online stores.
    3. It produces exponential shopping rewards for consumers — something that has never been available to online shoppers... until now.

    As soon as we can find one bold investor who "gets it" and shares our vision of the grand potential with Buddy Buddy Buddy, we will be able to unveil it and scale it like nothing else before it.

    We've kissed a lot of frogs, but we hope to soon find that one prince of an investor to join us in taking Google's money.

    Buddy Buddy Buddy will be available at participating online stores issuing Buddy Bucks rewards with purchases by you — with additional rewards issued when your social media friends, your friends' friends, and your friends' friends' friends also purchase from the same store. Thus delivering the world's first exponential shopping rewards platform — along with the Internet's first Pay-Per-Sale advertising model.

    Buddy Bucks will have outstanding redeem value with purchase at all stores in the program. And, they are "portable" across all stores — another first. In other words, Buddy Bucks rewards earned from purchases and referrals at the electronics store will be redeemable with purchase at the shoe store for example.

    We are doing this because the time has come for a better way to advertise online. We call it "referral-tising". Also because merchants deserve a better shake for their advertising dollar and we think paying after a sale is more attractive to merchants than paying for mere click-throughs as with the curent advertising leader, pay-per-click. And we believe most every merchant will feel the same way.

    We've come this far:

    • Invented the platform — DONE
    • Perfected the platform — DONE
    • Built the platform — DONE
    • Tested the platform — DONE

    Now all we have to do is unveil it, and scale it like mad. That involves:

    • Adapting our software to many more shopping carts
    • Selling / setting up many more stores
    • Getting the word out to the buying public at large
    • Supporting the stores and shoppers
    • Taking Google's pay-per-click customers away and turning them into Buddy Buddy Buddy pay-per-sale customers
    • Riding off into the sunset with a boatload of money as we chip away at Google's $38 Billion pay-per-click business!


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