If shopping rewards are good, exponential shopping rewards are better.

If pay-per-click is good, pay-per-sale is better.

If social media marketing is good, social media referrals are better.


Our product is called Buddy Buddy Buddy, or simply BBB.


BBB is Jack and the beanstalk for revenue...

BBB is the goose that laid the golden egg for stores...   [ WATCH VIDEO ]

BBB is the sword in the stone for investors.   [ WATCH VIDEO ]


BBB sits at the crossroads of social media and e-commerce and allows consumers to finally be rewarded for a "share" or a "like".

BBB is a new, advanced sales tool for store owners which allows merchants to effortlessly turn every buyer into a motivated, rewarded salesperson for their products.

BBB instantly attracts the 40% of online consumers who already engage in shopping rewards programs by providing a superior, exponential shopping rewards platform with rewards that are "portable" across all participating stores -- the first of its kind.

BBB instantly attracts just about every online merchant currently engaged in pay-per-click with a superior alternative -- a Pay-Per-Sale model that is socially driven.


MERCHANTS: What if shoppers did your advertising for you?

CONSUMERS: What if your social media friends earned you your rewards?

ADVERTISERS: What if there was a superior method to advertising for generating sales?

THERE IS: it's called Buddy Buddy Buddy.


There is nothing at all like BBB.  BBB is the future of online advertising.  BBB is live and ready to go. All we need to do is to unveil it and scale it.

It's been a while since we've seen a "killer app" emerge. BBB is a true killer app. It will be like email... or spreadsheets... or Photoshop... or search itself.




the "Social Threeferral"

   What Is Buddy Buddy Buddy and How Does It Work?

Buddy Buddy Buddy — or simply BBB — is a shopping rewards tool and it works by integrating the deep connections inherent in social media into the online purchasing process.

When you inform your social media friends of an online purchase and those friends also purchase, you are rewarded with credits we call "Buddy Bucks". Buddy Bucks are redeemable with purchase at all participating online stores. So Buddy Bucks earned at the software store can be redeemed at the shoe store for example.

BUT... here's the real big deal: The uniquely social nature of BBB is that Buddy Bucks are rewarded three levels down. So not only are you rewarded when a friend makes a purchase from the same store as you, but also when friends of friends purchase AND when friends of friends of friends purchase!!

The result is a cascading and exponential accumulation of Buddy Bucks rewards! The average social media user has over 100 friends. When those 100+ friends tell their 100+ friends who tell their 100+ friends, that's well over 1 million opportunities to be rewarded with additional Buddy Bucks.... all from referring a single purchase to your friends!

Every participating BBB online store sells products that both issue Buddy Bucks with purchase, and redeem Buddy Bucks with purchase. "Buddy Redeem" items are usually offered at great discounts for a mix of dollars and Buddy Bucks. Depending on the popularity of a particular item, you can pay for the item at a fraction of the regular cost along with redeeming Buddy Bucks.  See how easy it is to "Buddy".

For online stores, BBB represents a fundamental shift in online advertising. Currently the most popular form of online ads are "pay per click" ads. BBB's clever method of social shopping rewards outlined above means stores can now PAY PER SALE instead of paying for just click-throughs — which is clearly a much more efficient use of advertising dollars. Further, BBB's method of integrating the shoppers social media network of friends into the sales referral process means not only can online stores do away with their PPC budget, but they can also retire their social marketing efforts because rewarded shoppers will do that work for them! Details of the program outlined in this 2-minute Flash presentation.


Every online store owner has been told about the importance of Social Media Marketing and how it has the power to boost their site's presence online. 'Do You Buddy' has developed BBB—a stellar online shopping tool designed to address the problem of how to sell on Facebook and how to leverage social networking marketing.
If the concept of Facebook for Marketing has you puzzled, then the solution offered up by 'Do You Buddy' will make you smile!

What People Are Saying:

"A very unique and compelling concept... a very very good idea..."
- Steve Goble, VP Marketing, Postal Annex Corp.

"Great idea. Good luck with the venture!"
- Ken Livesay, VP Marketing, Goldeneye, Inc.

See a list of our currently participating stores.


Exploration Films — Documentaries

Low Key Ent. — Pro Music Store

Midnight Cues ... coming soon

Patio & Outdoor ... coming soon

Aroma Delights ... coming soon

Toys Books ... coming soon

Clothing Shoes ... coming soon


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